Free Basic Template

Free Rails Starter Template

StarterJuice Free is a basic Ruby on Rails boilerplate for developers with more time to build out their application.

rails new starterjuice_free -m

User Accounts and Layouts in Seconds

StarterJuice Free has everything you need to kick off a custom project - user accounts, layouts, and some design basics included.

User Authentication

StarterJuice comes with user authentication built-in. Users can sign up, log in, and have objects restricted to them.

Ruby on Rails Powered

Built using Ruby on Rails - arguably the most popular web application framework in the world. It's fast, has loads of built-in features, and is easy to maintain.

Tailwind CSS Design

Your app will be created with a great basic Tailwind CSS powered design - which you can fully customize to your liking and needs.

Want to launch faster?

Then choose the full-featured StarterJuice Pro template.